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Private home dining for a unique night out

Discover an unique dining experience with our home chefs

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Taste the secrets of
Singapore's best home chefs

With authentic recipes passed down from generations, accompanied with unique individual stories to tell, be ready to go on a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

Behind The Menu

Specially curated by 
Celebrity Chef Eric Teo

Nothing beats the sincerity and attention to detail from our home chefs when they lovingly prepare a private dinner for you.

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Our Hideout


What People Say



Had such a wonderful dinner last night. It was very worth it to pay for premium quality home-cooked food, which you cannot find outside. The alcohol pairing complemented the dishes very well! I really appreciate the effort Host Gary took to prepare his dishes, such as his crab prawn pork meatball ball broth which was brewed 3 days before the event, and you could literally taste the natural flavours of the ingredients! The portions were generous as well!

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