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Dine Inn | Share A Taste Of Home

Dine Inn is a one-stop community marketplace that lets you buy and sell home-cooked food. With more than 3000 home-cooked dishes available from a variety of services such as Dine at Host’s place, Delivery, Self-Collection and even Chef-for-Hire, Dine Inn opens up a new culinary frontier of home-style cooking.


Pairing talented home chefs with foodies on the hunt for authentic eats, we guarantee you a match made in food heaven.

STB Food Festival Logo 2019 with


Singapore Food Festival | Savour Every Bite

A celebration of local culinary tradition, dining culture, innovation and artistry, the annual Singapore Food Festival beckons die-hard gourmands to savour Singapore in every bite. The Festival showcases Singapore food culture through myriad dining experiences with four distinct themes of modernity, art, culture and tradition. 

Whether you're a gourmand who appreciates culinary innovation, a lover of authentic culture and artistic presentations, or a foodie with a taste of tradition, Singapore Food Festival is bound to satisfy.

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Singapore Tourism Board

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) champions the development of Singapore's tourism sector, undertaking the marketing and promotion of Singapore as a tourist destination. STB strives to engage by forging partnerships, driving innovation and ensuring excellence in the tourism sector.

While STB leads in driving tourism development, it cannot do it alone; continued support from industry players is crucial in ensuring the success and sustainable growth of the sector.



Singapore | Passion Made Possible

Singapore is home to many places that embolden and inspire passions. Its the people who splash colours and vibrancy across the city. In our city, passion is everywhere you look. Hence, awaken your passions and live out your dreams when you explore the city and meet the talented locals who call it home. 



Olmeca Altos Tequila

Altos Tequila Plata is made from 100% blue agave grown in the Los Altos highlands of Mexico. Complete with herbal notes of cooked agave, their Plata is slightly citric and sweet with a fruity aroma. It's a classic tequila for the modern world.

Launched in 1909, Chivas Regal is the world's first luxury whisky and is considered to be a timeless classic, renowned for its benchmark quality and taste, style, substance and exclusivity. Every Chivas Regal Whisky has its own unique formula and selection of many aged whiskies, giving them their own distinct character, flavour and taste experience.

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Chivas Regal

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Havana Club

Shaped by Cuban climate, geography, history, and people, rum is an essential part of the nation’s culture. As its finest expression, the Havana Club range represents this rich heritage. It is the true spirit of Cuba.

In 1993, Pernod Ricard S.A. and Corporación Cuba Ron S.A. launched the joint venture in charge of producing, marketing and commercialising Havana Club around the world. Thanks to the production team in Cuba, their rums are now the most rewarded Cuban rum with 27 medals in tasting competitions in the last four years.

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Jacob's Creek

In 1847, along the banks of Jacob’s Creek, Johann Gramp planted his first vineyard. His vision was to create great tasting wines that reflect the true character of the grapes and the land. To this day they live and breathe this vision by producing wines that showcase how each grape variety expresses itself when shaped by the soil and the sun of Australia.


Each wine in their Reserve range is made by selecting premium quality fruit from one of Australia's best wine regions for each region to make wines with great varietal expression.



The Lillet range is comprised of the three white, red and rosé classics: Lillet Blanc, Lillet Rouge and Lillet Rosé, and two premium reserves: Réserve Jean de Lillet Blanc and Réserve Jean de Lillet Rouge.

Lillet Blanc,the range core product represents all the freshness of an aperitif with a smooth and fruity taste and a full, fleshy structure.


Martell Cognac

Martell, the oldest of the great cognac houses, forged by passion and knowledge passed through the Martell family since 1715 - creating cognac that have been enjoyed and cherished. For three centuries, Martell has produced, exported and marketed cognacs that are internationally renowned for their quality. Martell's identity is founded on three key concepts: Elegance, Complexity and Balance. 

Monkey 47_Logo.jpg

Monkey 47

An unusual gin from the Black Forest in Germany, Monkey 47 contains a unique ingredient : Lingonberries! The 47 comes from the number of botanicals that go into this unique gin, and the fact it's bottled at a healthy 47%. It seems that the botanicals speak for themselves, as the gin has received bucketfuls of critical acclaim. Some say less is more, not for Monkey 47!

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Perrier Jouët

Maison Perrier Jouët is one of France's most historic and distinctive champagne houses, renowned for its elegant floral champagnes which reveal the true essence of the chardonnay grape. Influenced by its founder's love of nature and art, Perrier Jouët creates exceptional experiences and moments of wonder that enhances everyday life.


Perrier logo.jpg

Elegant, sparkling and refreshing. PERRIER Carbonated Mineral Water has delighted generations of beverage seekers for over 150 years, with its unique blend of distinctive bubbles and balanced mineral content.


Originating in France, its effervescent spirit is known worldwide, providing its distinctively fresh, clean taste. The PERRIER saga began in 1863:  bubbles taken from a French spring at Vergèze were bottled, ready to satisfy people’s thirst. In 1898, Dr. Louis Perrier became the owner of the spring, which would later take his illustrious name. 


Famous for its elegantly-shaped green bottle, PERRIER is the ultimate refreshment to quench all thirsts. It offers a great alternative to carbonated soft drinks, with no sugar and zero calories. It is thirst-quenching on its own – perfect serve chilled at 12°C, but its crisp carbonation makes it the perfect partner for cocktails and drink recipes. PERRIER is the refreshing choice for every day.



Vittel is the source for vitality, as part of a family’s balanced diet as well as an athlete’s essential hydration. Thanks to its natural abundance of calcium and other mineral salts, attained through years of filtration through underground rock layers, the pure, still water promotes strong bones for children and adults. The uniquely rich and revitalizing taste and balanced mineral structure of Vittel makes it the perfect partner to every meal.


These benefits were first promoted by Louis Bouloumié in the 1850s, when he experienced the healing properties of mineral water from the natural fountain of Gérémony, in the Vosges Mountains of France, and established the spring as Vittel’s Grande Source. 


Vittel’s commitment extends to the environment; the brand’s “zero pesticide policy” and recycling programs are just two important measures to protect the source of the mineral water and create shared value with local communities.

Fresjus_17.8Wcm x 12.7Hcm.jpg


Hailing from Belgium, no moment is too big or small for Fresjus lightly carbonated and satisfyingly crisp Sparkling Apple Juice. It's pressed from 100% fresh apples, complemented with refreshing bubbles.

This delightful and refreshing non-alcoholic drink is ideal for parties and picnics. Elevate get-togethers with family and friends with these delectable sparkling drinks.

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With more than 70 years of experience in the F&B business, the LSH symbol is today reputed as Asia’s Hub for F&B Brands – one that is associated to high standard


A range of globally renowned customers whether they are international hospitality brands, restaurants or retail brands, all trust Lim Siang Huat as their preferred distributor of F&B choices due to the longevity of the LSH brand in the F&B industry.

LSH e-store is an online grocery shop where quality and premium goods are sold at very competitive prices. The platform was created to offer their customers and partners additional value on top of their great service offerings. 

The Gathering Room Logo.jpg


The Gathering Room

Beyond providing opportunities for various craftsmen and designers to come together, The Gathering Room is a space conceptualised by The General Co to offer a “second home” environment for private chefs and bakers alike. With a cosy living room setup equipped with a modern kitchen and lounge area, your guests will be able let loose and have a good time over community gatherings and new experiences. 

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