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Selected Sat or Sun, 7.30pm


Location is TBD

[7-Course] Nanyang Fusion Menu by Chef Alvin Law

[7-Course] Nanyang Fusion Menu by Chef Alvin Law
[7-Course] Nanyang Fusion Menu by Chef Alvin Law

Time & Location

Selected Sat or Sun, 7.30pm

Location is TBD

About the Event

Price: $135/pax

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Double Boiled Agaricus Mushroom with Baby Abalone in Chicken Stock

12H Double Boiled Soup with Agaricus Mushroom (Brazilian mushroom), Baby Abalone, Pork Rib and Chicken.

Pan-seared Scallop wrapped in Prosciutto, Served with Mango Salad

Scallop wrapped in prosciutto (Parma Ham), Pan Seared to bring out the natural sweetness of Scallops, served with mango and greens in a refreshing oriental dressing inspired by “Yu sheng”.

Perfect Poached Chicken in Himalayan Salt Brine and Spices, Serve with Homemade Dipping sauce.

Fresh Chicken poached in Brine solution flavoured by Himalayan Salt, Sand Ginger, Liquorice, Bay Leave, Bentong Ginger and peppercorn. Served with L’Vin’s special dipping sauce.

Japanese Style Pan Fried Codfish served with Sauteed Wild Mushroom

Cod Fish marinated in Dashi, Sake, Mirin and Soya sauce, Pan-seared and Oven Baked to tenderness

Tiger Prawn Simmered in L’Vin’s Special Rempah Sauce, Serve with Fluffy Deep Fried Mantou.

Tiger Prawn cooked in L’Vin’s Special Rempah sauce made from 10 different Nanyang spices. Dip the Fluffy Deep Fried Mantou into the gravy to enjoy this dish to the fullest.

Nanyang Style Braised Pork Belly Rice

Fresh Pork belly slow cooked in rempah, salted bean paste, dried shrimp and shitake mushroom.

Heirloom dish from Mama Vin. Elevated in L’Vin’s way to give the Classic Braised Pork Belly rice a twist of Nanyang flavours.

Chilled Pulut Hitam Serves with Ice Cream and Crusted Nuts.

Homemade black glutinous rice flavoured by Pandan Leave and Gula Melaka.


Tickets are strictly non-refundable

Menu subject to change without prior notice


  • 1 Pax




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